Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles: Causes, What to Do Next?


Fire damage restoration in Los Angeles


House fires, and continue to be, are one of the most significant causes of casualties and property loss across the country. Each year, approximately 358,000 are flagged with fire issues, and the count increases annually. Fire damage restoration in Los Angeles become even more essential.

Not only it equates to property damage, but it also costs the lives of both firefighters and people. Nevertheless, regardless of how big or small the fire is, it takes a heavy toll. Along with losing emotions and memories, you still have to put the pieces together and begin to rebuild your little world again.

At Accurate Property Restoration, we help people to get water and fire damage restoration in Los Angeles to get back on track again. Since then, we have helped countless families.

Perhaps, the main issue is people these days lack information and don’t know what to do for fire restoration; but before digging in there, let us explain the main causes of fire.

This article will help you determine the most common causes that can lead to fire and what to do next. Let’s get started!

8 Most Common Reasons for Fires

Speaking broadly, no single cause can lead to an accidental fire; there is a combination of unintentional negligence, technical defects, or irresponsible behavior. But to avoid fire damage restoration in Los Angeles read the following.

Sometimes, these acts could have been avoided, and sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Let us brief what can be the major causes of fire.


Every candle is sold with a tag that should not be left unattended. Yet, many times candles are often forgotten, leading to unavoidable fire situations. Typically, candle fires are reported on New Year, Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve.

Holiday Decors

Not only are candles responsible for causing fire accidents in the holiday season, but other lighting decors like Christmas tree lights and relative decorative pieces can be equally responsible. 

In addition, if there are live trees nearby, they are more likely to catch fire or promote it’s spreading easily. 

Electrical Devices and Systems

Electrical devices are also susceptible to potential fire danger, and an overheated light is at the top of the list. Furthermore, poorly connected wires, damaged circuits, improper grounding, loose wires- all these shoddy electrical work are often dangerous for homeowners.

Equipment and Appliances

Any device or equipment that generates heat, like cloth dryers, stoves, heaters, or heat up for extended periods, like fans and computers, has a potential fire hazard. Moreover, cooking vessels, if left unattended, can also be a cause of accidental fires.


Among the most common reasons behind the fire is the consequence of careless smoking habits. Usually, people fall asleep while smoking. In doing so, they can light up their bed, couch, or sofa on fire.

Moreover, throwing the still-hot ashes in the trash bin can also trigger a fire in the house.

BBQ Grill

Another cause of the fire can be leaving the barbeque grill unattended resulting in the spreading of an uncontrollable fire. However, the risk of accidents can be decreased by checking the gas leaks near the bbq grill or by cooking the flame-immune material. And ensure to keep a close eye on them every time.

Chemical and Gases

One of the reasons for the fires is the house’s natural gas or propane gas leakage. An errant spark and a minute gas leak can cause an explosive situation. 

Additionally, careless mixing of household chemicals can also trigger a fire in the house; therefore, it is always recommended to do such acts outside the property to ensure safety.

Watch the Kids in the House

Sometimes, kids sneak into the hazardous stuff like lighter or matches leading to the fire in the house. Not that they do it purposely, but they are curious about what possibly happens with it.

Therefore, it is possible to mitigate the danger by speaking to the children about the potential accidents and warning them never to plan such activities.

It’s a Fire: What to Do Next for Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles?

Once safely rescued from the location, the first step for fire damage restoration in Los Angeles should be to call 911. Under no circumstances should you enter the property again unless the firefighters enter the place. Though sometimes fire appears to be gone, it can restart without warning: that might be even more dangerous.

Get yourself or a family member to treatment if you have been injured. Once you are safe and cured, call your loved ones or relatives to let them know you are safe and find a place to live.

Upon receiving a clearance from the firefighters, call the insurance company and a professional fire restoration company like ours to assess the damage, retrieve items, or attempt to clean. Again, please do not enter the home to retrieve anything; we require everything to be in the same condition for insurance purposes.

Secure Your Assets and Personal Belongings

Once the initial assessment is made, your insurance company may allow you to board the windows and doors to protect your property from looting. Moreover, if you have lost essential documents like credit cards, passports, and licenses, take appropriate steps to cancel them.

Cleaning Up Property

The most crucial part after the fire is cleaning up the property, where our team will offer you the required assistance and support. Our skilled team officers will go through the following aspects before taking action:

  • The effects of smoke or heat in your house.
  • The loss of value of your house.
  • Pros and cons of replacement vs. restoration of the home.
  • Steps to take with the insurance company’s assistance to quickly get you back on track.

Concluding Thoughts

At Accurate Property Restoration, we understand how stressed you must have been from the accident; therefore, we try to keep the fire damage restoration in Los Angeles process easy and as fast as possible. 

Our team will keep you updated with the process; however, the time required for the restoration depends on the damage extent and suppression methods used by the firefighters. We’ll ensure to take the necessary steps to get you back on your feet again.